Admissions Notice – 2075: BBA, BBS, BSc.CSIT,BA & MA in English

All the students willing to join BBA, BSc.CSIT, BBS, BA & MA in English programs are informed that new admissions for these programs are open at Universal College as per the following schedule:

1.    BBA Program: TU, since 2051: 4 yrs/8 Semesters,

                           – Eligibility                                    :+2 Pass or equivalent  (Class XI cleared also can apply)

                           – CMAT Form Distribution           : From Shrawan 20 to Bhadra 10, 2075

                           – CMAT Test                                  : On Bhadra 16, 2075

                           – Time                                            : 8:00 AM

                           – Centre                                         : To be informed later

                           – TU Form Fee                               : Rs. 500/-

                           – College Registration Form Fee : 1000/- (Prospectus and Bag included)

2.   BBS Program     – TU, since 2054: 4 yrs/yearly system,

3.   BA Program       – TU, since 2062: 3 yrs/yearly system, Majors: English, JMC, Social Works & Sociology

4.   MA in English    – TU, since 2062, 2 yrs/4 semesters

Class Timings

BBA  = Between 07:00 – 12:30 hrs.

BBS  = Between 06:15 – 10:30 hrs.

BA    = Between 06:15 – 10:30 hrs.

MA   = Between 06:00 – 09:40 hrs.

Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching–learning Activities: Regular seminars, workshops, presentations, writing assignments, paper writings, group discussions, guest lectures, conferences, project works, are arranged along with class lectures.  This will definitely give opportunities to our students to grow and flourish originality, inventiveness, creativity, talents and imaginations.

Internship: UC regards internship as one of the major academic activities to get a practical experience in a job.  So our BA students are encouraged to join different business firms/organizations/newspapers/TV stations/ to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in these fields.  This will definitely, we believe, help them acquire necessary practical experiences to become a successful entrepreneur.

Additional Courses: Besides regular courses, UC also arranges various skill-oriented additional courses which are mandatory.  These courses are writing skills development in English, Microsoft excels training, virtual banking training, enhancing communication skills, team-work and collaboration, adaptability, problem solving, interview facing skills, critical observation, etc.  This will definitely help enhance our students’ competence required in the related fields for a well-paying career.

Special Care: BBS and BA students are also treated as BBA students.  They are involved in various academic activities mentioned in points 4, 5 and 6.

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