The readers’ club is an autonomous body formed to promote reading habit of students. This club is an association of students dedicated to particular interest or purpose and activities, who meet regularly and take part in shared activities. So in order to make a meaning full contribution to matters related to students’ personal and professional growth, various club are formed in the colleges. Working in clubs, they get opportunity in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, shared decision-making, volunteerism, collaboration and student employment etc.
They receive huge support and guidance from faculties and market. The student volunteers engage and participate in various social activities. These activities range from awareness campaigns to celebration of various international events like International Youth Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, Blood Donation Programs, Cleaning Campaigns etc. We have various clubs and societies registered within the institution to hone the skills of students. These clubs and societies are autonomous student bodies run by students themselves. They carry out various events, seminars, workshops, presentations, simulation exercises, competitions within the college and between colleges and universities that strengthen their IT and managerial skills, help develop interaction with industries thus garnering experience and exposure.