Distinguished Team of Faculty

At UNIVERSAL and NEW SUMMIT Colleges we believe in strengthening capabilities of each student. We, therefore, adopt one-to-one approach/interaction in our classrooms where each student’s queries are addressed sincerely. Our team and faculties reach out to every student for their problems, questions in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Student-Centered Learning

UNIVERSAL and NEW SUMMIT Colleges have a distinguished team of faculty since their inception. These pools of faculty members have earned years of experiences in various industries, academic institutions within and outside the country. They bring the real world environment, cases and scenarios into the classrooms, which has been an enriching experience for our students.

 College Atmosphere

The colleges are located in a safe and peaceful environment at the heart of Shantinagar, Kathmandu. Making it easily reachable for students and guardians. We have state-of-art-infrastructure, spacious classrooms, well equipped labs, and library.

Project Works and Researches

Students at UNIVERSAL and NEW SUMMIT get opportunities from the market as well as from the faculties to engage themselves in various short term and long-term projects. They are assigned to various industrial market researches to fulfill their short term, small market research needs, projects to market their new product launches etc. Similarly, students are assigned to various research topics to contribute to the body of existing knowledge as per the curriculum of the industry. This equips them with practical knowledge of research tools and techniques, salesmanship, marketing and negotiation techniques and proficient use of MS office packages.

Industry Visits and Educational Excursions

We at UNIVERSAL and NEW SUMMIT Colleges believe in all round development of our students. The theoretical knowledge sharing and interaction is not sufficient to broaden their horizons. We, therefore, take our students to various educational excursions and industry visits, where they will get a chance to see how products and services are developed, manufactured and delivered.

Induction Seminars

Students have an opportunity to attend various orientation programs to enable them to have a fun filled, inspiring and smooth transition to college life. They are introduced to our staff and faculties; oriented about college policies, rules and regulations, procedures and resources for their engagement, learning and development.


Each student is given access to a mentor from an industry or from the pool of faculties that we have. These mentors advise them, support them and help them in their education, skill development, career counseling and placements. We have formed a student-support cell to look after various needs of the students.

Alumni Cell

UNIVERSAL and NEW SUMMIT Colleges take pride in their alma maters who are spread around the globe. They are students in higher education, professionals in various careers across different industries. We, therefore, have dedicated teams in the Alumni Cell. The Alumni Cell reaches out to our alma maters, updates their profiles, conducts various Get-Together Programs etc. These alma maters support each other in job placements too, at post graduate studies, career counseling and important career advices etc.



A clean, spacious cafeteria offers a variety of hygienic meals at affordable prices at the colleges. The cafeteria is open from early morning till evening. It is a popular hub among students for meetings, fun, celebrations etc.