Dear Students,



Business has been the single most catalyst for change in modern era. It has created deep socio-economic and political impact around the globe. The incentives of businesses have been such that they have driven social and scientific innovations while at the same time created dialogue for policies and reforms. We at Universal College strive for education that aligns to the idea of market and businesses in the country. We also put our efforts to create visible impact on the lives of our students through interaction with industries, professionals and drivers of change in the country. Thus our efforts put our students in the epic entre of what is happening in the country and around the globe while trying to help them find answers to how and why. It is imperative to understand how our governments, societies and organizations are evolving. We at Universal send our students with products, ideas and services offered in the market to the customers and stakeholders. These efforts help them develop various managerial skills like team work, leadership, marketing and sales abilities while at the same time creating values for the stakeholders our students work with. This inculcates strong values like respect for work, respect for others and humility which is crucial in present era of cut throat competition.

I extend my sincere gratitude to the students who have put faith in our efforts. Their success stories drive me every day and keep our team to focus on giving our best to our community and students. At the same time, I want to extend our warm welcome to our prospective students.

Have trust in your choices and our efforts. We will work together to forge a successful path for each other!


Thank you.